Diverse Kindergarten

                STEP AHEAD:
early intervention ABA learning                     PROGRAM

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At Pediatric  Therapy Studio, we believe every child is born to stand out, not fit in. That’s why we’ve introduced our Step Ahead ABA-based Preschool that enables children to acquire pre-academic skills through highly organized preparatory classes, orientations, trainings, and lessons.


Pediatric Therapy Studio provides intensive ABA therapy to clients in center-based preschool like settings. All programs are developed and overseen by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and implemented by our Behavior Technicians.

A child's brain is shaped by their experiences during the first few years of life. Beginning early is key to a child's development and future success. Attending school is not just about age; it is about readiness. Our intensive ABA treatment program is highly intensive and incorporates modeling and play.

Children, including children with autism, learn best through play. The secret is knowing how to engage the child in a playful way that promotes his or her development.

All our  programs are individualized to suit the unique needs of each child and utilize 1:1 intensive ABA within the group setting. Programs circle around classroom modeled group activities. Children work together to build necessary pre-requisite skills for a successful transition to a  kindergarten classroom. Their structured sessions will include speech therapy, occupational therapy, circle-time, snack groups  and a social skills groups.


At Pediatric Therapy Studio, we incorporate ABA strategies and principles in a naturalistic, play based format. We believe that children learn best when they are motivated and having fun. 


Each client works one-on-one with a certified behavior therapist on individualized goals with a focus on social communication, social interactions, and school readiness skills.