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gross motor skills

Gross motor skills are the foundation for children's developmental milestones


Gross motor skills are a prerequisite for children's progress at school, as well for their play and independence. Difficulty with these skills is often the cause of clumsy or uncoordinated movement, leading to problems with everyday tasks such as dressing, running or riding a bike.


As a result these

movement difficulties interfere with a child’s ability to

perform everyday tasks and have an impact on

academic achievement.

Characteristics of gross motor deficits?

Childhood development is complex and not all children will move at the same pace, but some of the most common reasons that a parent will contact us with concerns about their child's gross motor skills include:

  • Lateness in reaching developmental milestones such as sitting up, walking or running

  • Awkward or clumsy movements, possibly associated with a higher risk of accident

  • Dislike or avoidance of physical activity and games

  • Rapid tiredness after participating in physical activities for only a short period

  • Slumped, head-in-hands posture when sitting doing table-top activities

  • Difficulty in completing activities involving sequences of physical movements, such as an obstacle course or hop-scotch

Assessment &  Treatment

Our assessment process allows a specialist occupational therapist to identify the nature of your child's difficulties with gross motor skills, and the reasons for them. Once identified, we can work with you and your child to put in place a plan to address them.

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