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Articulation - pronunciation and talking - is the ability

to physically move the tongue, lips, teeth and jaw to produce

sequences of speech sounds, which make up words and 


Why does my child need therapy?

  • Improve a child’s ability to produce clearer speech.

  • Improve a child’s ability to be understood by others.

  • Improve a child’s ability to engage positively with other children and adults.

  • Facilitate a child’s interactions with familiar (e.g. family members, peers) and unfamiliar individuals.

  • Reduce frustration in a child who struggles with getting their message across.

  • Improve spelling and/or writing.

Portrait of little girl with mouth open.

Does my child need Articulation therapy?

  • Become overly frustrated when communicating with others.

  • Produce speech that is difficult to understand even for familiar listeners.

  • Have difficulty linking together more than one or two sounds.

  • Tend to use only vowel sounds (very open mouthed noises).

  • Produce speech that is unclear alongside dribbling and messy eating skills.

  • Produces speech that is less clear than other children of the same age.

  • Produce an interdental lisp (e.g. tongue protruding between the teeth when saying a /s/ or /z/ sound) if over the ages of 3.5 – 4 years.

  • Be school aged and still having difficulty saying several sounds.

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