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Pediatric Therapy  Studio also offers center-based ABA therapy  within an enriched social environment. 1:1 support is provided for both individualized therapy as well as support during group instruction. Children also receive speech therapy  and occupational  therapy. 


Our Center-based program provides creative teaching to help nurture your child’s personal and social development, including communication, language, social skills development, and more!

Pediatric Therapy  Studio's leading edge center based ABA programs are designed to expand learning across all areas of development including communication, socialization, play, behavior management, cooperation, and support sensory needs.  Our clinics are designed to meet the individual needs of every learner across all levels of development.




Drama activities uses storytelling and make-believe to help children work through feelings. It also helps children work on imaginative play. Drama Therapy is a social activity that helps children build empathy and social skills.  


 It is also a very sensory experience. Elements that engage the senses, such as touch, sound, and colors, are often used. These aspects are tailored to each child. 

Group drama therapy can improve face identification. It can also help with the ‘theory of mind’ (the ability to understand the perspective of others). Regular practice of social interactions during drama play can social and perspective-taking abilities.  

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  • Continuous access to Clinical Supervisors

  • Social opportunities and play dates

  • Unlimited generalization opportunities

  • Community integration

  • Blended teaching opportunities

  • Speech &  Occupational therapists  on site

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Whether ABA Therapy is provided in the child’s own environment (home-based), or is provided in a structured environment (center-based) that facilitates planned socialization with peers, with the right interventions in the right setting through ABA therapy, children can improve their behaviors and reach their full potential.

A  research study  at the  NIH  showed that participants who received both home and center-based services had mastered 100 % more per hour while at the center than at home   (

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